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Closue-up photo of adult Sheridan's Hairstreak butterfly

Little Groundhog Mtn, Lane Co, July 18


Callophrys sheridanii

AKA Sheridan's Green Hairstreak

Size: 0.8 - 1.0 inches wingspan

Key ID features:  Above both sexes light gray or brown.  Below dark green when fresh, with black scaling, lighter green with gray when worn. Below, HW post median white band variable, sometimes bold. Below, FW mostly green. Often perches  directly on the ground.

Similar species: Bramble and Western Green primarily perch on shrubs or host plant. 


Host plant: Many buckwheat species (Eriogonum), including Eriogonum umbellatum.

Habitat: Washes, canyons, draws, high rocky-chutes, alpine swales. 

Range: Southern Cascades, Siskiyou Mtns, Warner Mtns, Steens Mtn, Ochoco Mtns, Blue Mtns, north central Oregon.

Season: Early March to early August

Abundance: Uncommon


Conservation Status: Secure

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