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Close-up photo of live Common Alpine (Erebia epipsodea) dorsal view

Coyle Cr Rd, Crook Co, June 29


Erebia epipsodea

AKA Butler's Alpine

Size: Up to 2 inch wingspan

Key ID features:  Above very dark brown with orange patches containing small black eyespots with white centers--two closely spaced eyespots and sometime two or more additional smaller eyespots on FW, three to five eyespots on HW. Below similar to above, but with HW having a slightly grizzled or rough look compared to clean dark brown above. 

Similar species: None.

Host plant: Grasses including Foxtail bristlegrass (Setaria italica).

Habitat: Grassy habitats including sage-steppe, plateaus, montane meadows and dry hillsides.   

Range: Northeastern Oregon in Ochoco Mtns, Wallowa Mtns, Blue Mtns.

Season: Early May to early August

Abundance: Common 


Conservation Status: Secure 

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