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Pinned Gillett's Checkerspot

Oregon State Arthropod Collection, #000176215 - male

Thank you to Dana Ross and Paul Hammond , volunteers at OSAC!


Euphydryas gillettii

Size: Up to 2 inch wingspan

Key ID features:  Above black with red and white spots, wide red band through both wings, usually with narrow white bands on both sides. Below similar pattern, but with black reduced, and confined to narrow lines between red and white patches.

Similar species: This is the only Oregon checkerspot with wide red submarginal spot bands above.

Host plant: Species in the honeysuckle family, possibly black twinberry (Lonicera involucrata) and red twinberry (L. utahensis).

Habitat: High flowery meadows. Often occurs near small streams or wetlands, not straying far from its host plants and nectar sources.

Range: On the summit of the west rim of Snake River Canyon near Hat Point.

Season: Late June to early July

Abundance: Uncommon 


Conservation Status: Secure in other states.  Survival of colonies may depend on wildfire interrupting habitat succession. Current Oregon population unknown.

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