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Close up photo of a Gray Marble butterfly

Eight Dollar Mtn Rd, Josephine Co, June 4

Gray Marble

Anthocaris lanceolata

Size: Up to 2 inches wingspan

Key ID features:  White above, with small, sparse black markings on FW. Below, light gray marbling on HW and on FW tip.  Outer margin of FW is concave, giving slightly hooked appearance to FW.

Similar species:  Much larger than other Marbles, lacks orange on forewing of Sara Orangetip.


Host plant: Crucifers, including several rockcresses.

Habitat: Often found on South-facing slopes, on wooded canyons, gullies, washes, steep-walled ravines.

Range: Siskiyou Mtns and Warner Mtns.

Season: Early May to early July

Abundance: Uncommon


Conservation Status: Secure

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