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Resources - Online

Northwest Butterflies

Caitlin Labar's lovely and informative website on the butterflies of Oregon and Washington.  Visit and you will learn a lot!

Butterflies of America

A comprehensive guide to the butterflies of North, Central and South America. Photos of pinned specimens and some live butterfly species, covering all described species and recognized taxa including subspecies.  Very helpful for our Greater Fritillaries here in Oregon (Speyeria sp.).

Lane County Butterfly Club (Chapter of NABA)

The new website for the only Oregon chapter of the North American Butterfly Association. Find out about their series of presentations in winter, their summer field trips, butterfly counts and other activities.

Washington Butterfly Association

Facebook page for the large and lively state of Washington  Butterfly Association. Keep up to date on their  presentations in winter and their field trips in summer, and other activities.

Oregon Zoo:  Taylor's Checkerspot

A webpage describing how the Oregon Zoo is contributing to the conservation of this endangered Northwest butterfly.

Conserving Oregon Monarchs

Learn about the State of Oregon's plan for conserving Monarchs in Oregon.

Oregon Silverspot Butterfly

Visit the US Fish and Wildlife Service's page on the endangered Oregon Silverspot.

Fender's Blue

Visit the US Fish and Wildlife Service's page on the endangered Fender's Blue.

Conservation of Prairie-Oak Butterflies in Oregon, Washington, and British Columbia

Online article about conservation status and measures for Fender's blue (Icaricia icarioides fenderi), Taylor's checkerspot (Euphydryas editha taylori), Mardon skipper (Polites mardon), island marble (Euchloe ausonides insulanus), and Oregon silverspot (Speyeria zerene hippolyta), and a brief review of 10 additional at-risk butterfly species in the ecoregion.

Xerces Society

Get plugged in to the first and foremost conservation organization for butterflies and other invertebrates. They do great work in education, advocacy, and conservation planning.  Please support them!

Great Purple Hairstreak
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