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Silver-bordered Fritillary

Williams Prairie, Crook Co, June 22


Boloria myrina

(Was Boloria selene)

Size: Up to 2 inch wingspan

Key ID features:  Above bright citrus orange with black veins, and black irregular lines, black bands of spots and chevrons that point inward.  Checked fringe, light orange. Below HW is complex pattern of pearly silver/white patches, cream patches, burgundy patches and burgundy veins.  Similar pattern on FW tip below, remainder of FW bright orange with black markings.

Similar species: Pacific Fritillary has softer black submarginal markings above, and submarginal black triangles that point outward. Below Pacific has softer pattern of mauve, lavender and pale orange in the outer half of HW.

Host plant: Violets, mostly Viola palustris (Marsh violet) and V. nephrophylla (Bog violet).

Habitat: Marshy fields, riparian areas with willows. 

Range: Found in isolated colonies in Ochoco Mtns, Strawberry Mts, Wallowa Mtns.

Season: Late May to mid-August (varies by site)

Abundance: Locally common 


Conservation Status: Secure.

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