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Sylvan Woodnymph

Mill Cr Rd, Lane Co, August 9

Wood Nymph

Cercyonis silvestris

AKA Disguised Wood Nymph

Size: Up to 1.75 inch wingspan

Note: this species was recently clarified by DNA analysis to be a distinct species, formerly assumed to be a west-side segregate of Great Basin Wood Nymph.

Key ID features:  Above grayish-brown usually with two eye spots on FW.  Below, striated chocolate brown with one to several small eyespots on HW, two eyespots on FW, lower spot usually noticeably smaller than upper spot. Dark median line on HW typically indistinct.

Similar species: Great Basin Wood Nymph is slightly larger, more grayish below, with more prominent HW median bands below, HW median line more distinct and jagged.  Small Wood Nymph is typically somewhat smaller and darker, with more distinct and jagged VHW median line, and significantly smaller lower eyespot.

Host plant: Undetermined grass species.

Habitat: Openings in forested habitats, and along forest roads in foothills and mountains.   

Range: West slope the Cascades in Linn Lane, Douglas,and Jackson counties.

Season: Late July to late September

Abundance: Locally common 


Conservation Status: Secure 

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