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Crane Cr, Lake Co, July 4 - male

Tailed Copper

Tharsalea arota


AKA Lycaena arota

Size: 0.75- 1.25 inches wingspan

Key ID features:  Male coppery brown above. Female FW above has broad dark brown marginal bands, dark patches around coppery-orange spots, and HW with similar pattern with scalloped orange band along trailing edge. Small white-tipped tails on HW.  Below HW is boldly marked with spots, chevrons, a white band and black spots circled with white, against gray-brown background (bolder in females). 

Similar species:  No other coppers have tails.


Host plant: Currants and gooseberries.

Habitat: Moist meadows, canyons, mountain canyons.

Range: Siskiyou Mtns, Southern Cascade Mtns, Klamath Mtns, Warner Mtns, central Willamette Valley.

Season: Mid-June to late September

Abundance: Locally common


Conservation Status: Secure

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