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Close-up photo of pinned male Compton's Tortoiseshell (Nymphalis l-album) dorsal view

Oregon State Arthropod Collection #0001093061- male

Thank you to Dana Ross and Paul Hammond , volunteers at OSAC!


Nymphalis l-album

Size: Up to 3 inch wingspan

Key ID features:  FW above rusty orange with black patches, dark mustard yellow border and marginal band with black line between. HW brown with broader mustard bands, and white bar at leading edge with dark patches on each side. Below two-toned brown or gray, with darker inner half and lighter striated outer half, blue-gray submarginal band. HW below with flattened silver "v," sometimes reduced or absent.

Similar species: Above, white bar on leading edge of HW is unique.  

Host plant: Birches, willows, and aspens.

Habitat: Typically found along streams in forested areas, and in mountain canyons. 

Range: Wallowa Mtns, and far NE Blue Mtns

Season: Early March to mid-October.

Abundance: Scarce, may not breed in Oregon every year. 


Conservation Status: Secure

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