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Mule Mountain Ridge, Lane Co, August 5, male

Clodius Parnassian

Parnassius clodius

Size: 2.25 - 3 inches wingspan

Key ID features:  Above, white, gray/translucent wings with red spots, and all-black or nearly all-black antennae. Same general pattern below, but HW below often has additional red patches basally, and red spots in the median area usually have pink centers. 

Similar species:  Mountain Parnassian (Parnassius smintheus), which is smaller, and has boldy black/white barred antennae.


Host plant: Pacific Bleeding Heart (Dicentra formosa).

Habitat: Mountain meadows and moist, open mountain woodlands, occasionally in lowlands.

Range: Western Oregon, Blue Mountains, Ochocos, Warner Mountains.

Season: late May to late August

Abundance: Common


Conservation Status: Secure

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