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Doral View

close-up photo of Leona's Little Blue butterfly

Sand Cr drainage, Klamath Co, July 6

Leona's Little

Philotiella leona

Size: Up to 0.75 inches wingspan

Key ID features:  Small. Males dusky blue above with darker wing borders. Female dark brown. Below white or off-white with bold black spots, larger on FW, boldly checked fringes on FW.

Similar species: No other similar species in Oregon.


Host plant: Eriogonum spergulinum (Spurry buckwheat).

Habitat: Pumice lands east of Crater Lake near host plant. ​

Range: 6 square mile area east of Crater Lake.

Season: Mid-June to late July

Abundance: Uncommon


Conservation Status: USFS Sensitive Species. Was proposed to be listed as Endangered under Federal Endangered Species Act, but after a 5-year review, listing was judged to be "not warranted."

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