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A close-up photo of a Common Sootywing butterfly

Jones Canyon, Wasco County, May 4


Pholisora catullus

Size: Up to 1.25 inch wingspan

Key ID features: Small. Above very dark brown to black with several small white spots near FW wingtip, row of tiny submarginal white spots on FW and HW. Below deep brown-black with a few white spots near the tip of the FW. Head mostly white. 

Similar species: Common Roadside Skipper is browner, with checked wing fringes. Dun Skipper much lighter, lacks white FW spots above and below.

Host plant: Weedy species in the goosefoot family, such as lamb's quarters, goosefoot, pigweed, etc.

Habitat: Disturbed weedy areas, shrub desert, alkali flats, and along waterways.   

Range:  In north half of state, east of the Cascade Range and north of Crook County. In south half of state, east of Lake County.

Season: Late March to early September

Abundance: Common 


Conservation Status: Secure 

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