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Northern Crescent

Izee Rd, Grant Co, June 25 - male


Phyciodes cocyta

Size: Up to 1 inch wingspan

Key ID features:  Small. Male above, orange with black spots, checks and borders, sometimes with large open orange area on FW with black patches at the four "corners." Female above orange and light orange bands, separated by black.  HW above with submarginal band of small black dots circled with orange, often with wide orange band just above.  Male HW below creamy yellow with light brown irregular lines, and bright marginal crescent below midpoint, surrounded with brown. Female HW often with darker irregular brown lines, and lighter brown patch around crescent.

Similar species: Female Field Crescent has light vertical bar in cell at leading edge of FW above (Northern lacks this).

Host plant: Aster species, likely including Cascade aster (Eucephalus ledophyllus) and alkali aster (Symphyotrichum frondosum, in lower areas).

Habitat: Wetlands, meadows, streambanks, dry grasslands.   

Range: Snake River basin, Burnt River basin, Strawberry Mtns.

Season: Late April to late September

Abundance: Common 


Conservation Status: Secure 

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