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Close-up photo of adult Sandhill Skipper butterfly

Boardman, Morrow Co, August 26


Polites sabuleti

Size: Up to 1.2 inch wingspan

Key ID features: Above, male light orange with toothed dark brown edges, black stigmata. Above, female is dark brown with light orange spots.  FW below dark brown with mustard yellow patches. HW below tan with irregular light bands shot through with light veins giving webbed look.

Similar species: HW pattern below is somewhat similar to Uncas and Lindsey's. Uncas has grayish green ground color below. Lindsey's is larger and has smaller light bands and patches below.

Host plant: Grass species, Kentucky bluegrass, saltgrass, and bromes.

Habitat: Lawns, parks, ditch banks, alkali flats, sage flats. 

Range:  Eastern Oregon and southern Cascade Range.

Season: Early May to late October

Abundance: Uncommon 


Conservation Status: Secure 

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