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Close-up photo of adult Spring White butterfly

Dutchman's Peak, Jackson Co, July 15

Spring White

Pontia sisymbrii

Size: 1.25 - 1.5 inches wingspan

Key ID features:  Above, male milk-white, female cream to yellowish, both with black checks on wingtips and closed black bar at end of forewing cell.  Below, hindwing veins crisply lined with brownish back bars, partially interrupted across the middle.

Similar species:  Western white has FW cell end bar with white center, and below HW veins less boldly shaded, and lacks slightly interrupted band across veins.


Host plant: Wide variety of rockcresses and mustards.

Habitat: Rocky desert-steppe, sage lands, subalpine ridges in the Cascades.

Range: Throughout eastern Oregon east of the Cascades and in southern Josephine and Jackson counties.

Season: Late March to late August

Abundance: Widespread, but locally distributed, often seen singly.


Conservation Status: Secure

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