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14 Species to Go

Updated: Aug 3, 2021

As of June 6, 2018, I have 14 species remaining to photograph in Oregon. If I'm lucky, I will be able to photograph four or five of those this year. The logistics are complicated by the fact that several of these fly at the same time of year, in opposite corners of the state. The map below shows most of the sites I'll be visiting. Here's the list:

Oregon Swallowtail - Papilio machaon oregonensis - found in river canyons in NE Oregon. Have seen it on the wing twice.

Checkered White - Pontia protodice - infrequently found in the deserts of SE Oregon. Have never seen one.

American Copper - Lycaena phlaeas - found on mountain-tops in the Wallowa Mtns. Have looked there once, to no avail.

Sooty Hairstreak - Satyrium fuliginosa - found in Jackson County near the CA border. Haven't looked for them yet.

Gold-hunter's Hairstreak - Satyrium auretorum - found in Cascade Siskiyou National Monument. Have looked twice - no joy.

Hoary Elfin - Callophrys polios - found in the Blue Mountains, near kinnikinnick. Have seen them twice, but wasn't able to get photos.

Ancilla Blue - Euphilotes ancilla - found in dry sage habitat near Burns, Oregon. Update: found this June 2018 in Harney County!

Gillette's Checkerspot - Euphydryas gillettii - found along the rim of the Snake River canyon. I looked once, didn't find any.

Compton Tortoiseshell - Nymphalis vaualbum - found along rivers in the Wallowa Mtns, but not every year. Have looked three times, and haven't seen one yet.

Weidemeyer's Admiral - Limenitis weidemeyeri - found in creek canyons in far SE Oregon. Have looked three times in different locations. Have only seen populations that are hybrids between Weidemeyer's and Lorquin's Admirals.

Western Cloudywing - Thorybes diversa - found along the CA border in Josephine County. I've gone to look for them 3 times. I may have seen them, but they're tricky to ID, based on their location and behavior.

Common Sootywing - Pholisora catullus - found in disturbed habitats in NE Oregon. I've seen them twice, and got one very blurry image.

Mohave Sootywing - Hesperopsis libya - found hot dry areas in E Oregon near lakes or alkaline flats. Have looked several times, and have yet to see one.

Nevada Skipper - Hesperia nevada - found on dry, windblown summits in E Oregon. Have looked many times, and haven't seen one yet. This is my "nemesis" species.

Aerial photo of Oregon with butterfly sites marked
Map of key butterfly habitats associated with hard to find species

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