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Color photo of Two-banded Checkered-skipper

W Boundary Rd, Lane Co, April 12


Pyrgus ruralis

Size: Up to 1 inch wingspan

Key ID features: Above, Above very dark brown, with gray shading basally on FW, boldly checked fringes and bright white patches. White spots on FW in two rows that can look like an "x" to some. HW has bold spot bands, and a lone small white spot near the wing base (often covered). Below bands of brown, white and olive-gray on HW.

Similar species: Common Checkered Skipper is much lighter above and below, with more and longer white patches above.

Host plant: Checkermallows (Sidalcea) and wildflowers in the rose family like cinquefoil (Potentilla) and strawberry (Fragaria).

Habitat: Mountain meadows and roadsides. 

Range:  Cascade Range, Willamette Valley, Coast Range, Ochoco Mtns, Blue Mtns, Wallowa Mtns, Siskiyou Mtns, Klamath Mtns.

Season: Early March to early September

Abundance: Common 


Conservation Status: Secure 

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