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Crooked Cr, Lake Co, August 6 - female


Satyrium saepium

Size: 1.0 - 1.25 inches wingspan

Key ID features:  Coppery-brown above.  Gray-brown below (darker when very fresh) with broken median line, and vague submarginal band of black chevrons on HW. Relatively short tails, with blue frosted patch just below. 

Similar species: Somewhat similar to Mtn Mahogany HS, which is more gray or gray-frosted over brown below. Gold-Hunter's HS has a less clear and less defined median line on HW below, and has a very restricted range.


Host plant: Ceanothus species, including C. cuneatus (Buckbrush), C. velutinus (Snowbrush) and C. integerrimus (Deerbrush).

Habitat: Shrubby hillsides and canyons, oak scrub, chaparral where host plants grow. ​

Range: NE Oregon, SW Oregon, Cascade Range.

Season: Mid-May to late September

Abundance: Common


Conservation Status: Secure

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