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Painted Lady

Marys Peak, Benton Co, August 21

Painted Lady

Vanessa cardui

Size: Up to 3 inch wingspan

Key ID features:  Larger than other ladies. Above salmon orange with black FW tips with a thick s-curved white bar at the leading edge and a few small white spots. HW above orange with submarginal row of black spots, some with blue centers. Below, HW brown with submarginal row of four small eye spots, and web of white lines and white patches. FW below has bright salmon orange crossed by black, wingtip similar to HW.

Similar species: American Lady has two large eye spots below. West Coast lady has orange bar at leading edge of FW above (instead of white).  

Host plant: Thistles (Caruus, Cirsium), and many others where thistles don't occur.

Habitat: Found in every habitat type. 

Range: Throughout Oregon.

Season: Early March to early November

Abundance: Abundant in most years. 


Conservation Status: Secure

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