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Close-up photo of adult Sachem skipper butterfly

Boardman, Morrow County, August 24 - male


Atalopedes campestris

Size: Up to 1.5 inch wingspan

Key ID features:  Larger and longer winged than other comparable Oregon skippers. Above orangish-brown, with dark brown borders. Male with large rectangular black patch around stigmata and vague light orange pattern on HW. Female above with dark patch on FW, with pale yellow spot band beyond that, and HW with light orange spot band. Male HW below with broad light yellowish patches sometimes nearly enclosing a darker rectangular patch. Female below, with darker HW ground color and curved band of smaller, more distinct spots.

Similar species: Yuma Skipper and Juba Skipper are of similar size. Yuma Skipper is plain above and below. Juba Skipper has green gray ground color below with bold white spot bands.

Host plant: Various grass species.

Habitat: Pastures, gardens, roadsides and open prairie. 

Range:  Cascade Range, Siskiyou Mtns,  Willamette Valley, Columbia and Deschutes river drainages.

Season: Late May to late August

Abundance: Uncommon 


Conservation Status: Secure

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