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Close-up photo of live Woodland Skipper (Ochlodes sylvanoides) ventral view

Frissell Ridge, Lane Co, July 18


Ochlodes sylvanoides

Size: Up to 1 inch wingspan

Key ID features:  Highly variable. Above orange, with dark brown, "toothy" borders, less distinct on HW. HW with large orange patch bordered by dark brown. Male above with narrow black stigmata, forming part of dark diagonal band running from wing base to FW tip. Female above also has dark diagonal band, with dark patch replacing stigmata. Below HW light yellowish brown usually with "folded" band of connected light spots (sometimes bold, sometimes barely visible or missing).

Similar species: Sachem and Juba Skipper fly at the same time but are larger. Yuma Skipper is plain above and below. Juba Skipper has green gray ground color below with bold white spot bands.

Host plant: Various grass species.

Habitat: Any open grassy habitat. 

Range:  All of Oregon.

Season: Mid-June to early October

Abundance: Common to abundant


Conservation Status: Secure

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