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Bramble Hairstreak

Meadow Cr, Jefferson Co, May 9


Callophrys dumetorum

AKA Bramble Green Hairstreak

Size: 1.0 - 1.25 inches wingspan

Key ID features:  Above both sexes light brown.  Below bright grass-green, sometimes with broken white median line on HW. Below, green on FW restricted to the leading 1/3. Perches on shrubs or grasses, rarely on ground.

Similar species: Sheridan's perches on the ground, range of Western Green typically does not overlap.


Host plant: Lotus crassisfolius, Lotus nevadensis var. douglasii.

Habitat: Openings in Douglas-fir and Ponderosa pine forests, along road cuts and powerline corridors. 

Range: North Coast Range, Western Cascades, NE Cascades, Siskiyou Mtns, Warner Mtns.

Season: Late March to mid-July

Abundance: Uncommon


Conservation Status: Secure

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