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Western Pine Elfin

Meadow Cr, Jefferson Co, May 29

Western Pine Elfin

Callophrys eryphon

Size: 1.0 - 1.25 inches wingspan

Key ID features:  Above both sexes dark chocolate brown. Very distinctive pattern of zigzags on HW below, in black, browns and lavenders, with thin white median line. HW has submarginal light frosted line. Checked fringes, no tails.

Similar species: Pattern below not likely to be confused with other elfin species.


Hostplant: Ponderosa, Lodgepole and other species of pine (Pinus).

Habitat: Primarily in clearings in Ponderosa pine forest, also in Lodgepole pine forests and Shore pine stands. 

Range: Cascade Range, Siskiyou Mtns, Ochoco Mtns, Klamath Mtns, Blue Mtns, and narrow band along the coast.

Season: Late February to late August

Abundance: Common


Conservation Status: Secure

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