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Close-up photo of live Gray Hairstreak (Strymon melinus) ventral view

Picture Rock Pass, Lake County, August 5


Strymon melinus

Size: 1.0 - 1.25 inches wingspan

Key ID features:  Dark gray above (darker when very fresh).  Orange patch and light blue lines bordering tails above. Light gray below with bold broken median black line edged in white, and vague submarginal band of black chevrons on HW. Two sets of tails, one short and one long, with two prominent adjacent orange patches below. 

Similar species: Female tailed-blues are smaller, with more rounded FW, and usually lack clear gray ground color below.


Hostplant: A true generalist that uses a huge range of plants and plant families.

Habitat: Virtually all open habitats. ​

Range: All of Oregon.

Season: Late March to mid-October

Abundance: Very common


Conservation Status: Secure

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