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Close-up photo of adult Pacuvius Duskywing butterfly

Metolius River, Jefferson Co, June 30


Erynnis pacuvius

Size: Up to 1.5 inch wingspan

Key ID features: Above, FW gray-brown with frosted band and spots, 3-5 tiny hyaline (glassy, translucent) spots on FW. When fresh, FW above often has noticeable brown patches. Female FW above often with gray scaling only outside of the dark brown patch in the FW cell area. HW plainer gray-brown sometimes with vague light spots.  Below brown with light spots and hyaline spots on FW, few to no small vague spots on HW.

Similar species: When fresh, FW above often has noticeable brown patches, which no other Oregon duskywings have.

Host plant: Various ceanothus species.

Habitat: Shrub lands, dry brushy areas, ponderosa pine/douglas-fir openings. 

Range:  Cascade Range, Siskiyou Mtns, Klamath Mtns, NE Blue Mtns, Wallowa Mtns.

Season: Late April to early August

Abundance: Common 


Conservation Status: Secure 

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