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Close-up photo of adult Anicia Checkerspot butterfly

Arizona Cr, Pueblo Mtns, Harney Co, June 2


Euphydryas anicia

Size: Up to 2.25 inch wingspan

Key ID features:  Highly variable. Above black with red and white spot bands, marginal band of red spots.  Below bands of white and red spots edged thinly in black, crossed by black veins. sometimes more white than red, marginal band is red, fringes checked.  On hindwing below (starting at margin) pattern of bands is usually red-white-red-white-white.

Similar species: Edith's checkerspot has red-white-red-red-white band pattern on HW below (starting at margin). Chalcedona Checkerspot has ivory spots above instead of white, and is larger.  Snowberry Checkerspot is typically blacker above, with rounder wing shape.

Host plant: Members of the figwort family, including penstemons and paintbrushes.

Habitat: Sage-steppe, arid high grasslands, canyons. 

Range: In high desert east of the Cascade Range, from Warner Mtns to Steens Mtn up to broad swath along Deschutes River. Also in highlands west of the Snake River.

Season: Mid-March to mid-August

Abundance: Common 


Conservation Status: Secure 

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