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Leanira Checkerspot

Alvord Basin, Harney Co, May 31 - ssp. basinensis


Chlosyne leanira

Size: Up to 2 inch wingspan

Key ID features:  Two distinct subspecies. Ssp. oregonensis is black above, with pale ivory spots, sometimes with red spots on FW tips. Below, FW orange with pale ivory spots, and submarginal band of ivory and black, often with a gap. HW below white with black veins and submarginal band of white spots surrounded by black.  Ssp. basinensis is orange above with black veins, submarginal band of pale orange spots.  Below similar to oregonensis, with bolder, wider black border to submarginal spot band.

Similar species: Below, neither subspecies is similar to other Oregon butterfly species. Above, C. l. oregonensis is similar to some small, dark individuals of Snowberry Checkerspot, note pattern below.

Host plant: Paintbrush species (Castilleja).

Habitat/Range: Ssp oregonensis found in canyons and hillsides near streams in SW Oregon.  Ssp. basinensis found in desert hills and sage flats in SE Oregon. 

Season: Early May to late July

Abundance: Common 


Conservation Status: Secure 

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