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Lindsey's Skipper

Kinney Cr Rd, Jackson Co, May 28


Hesperia lindseyi

Size: Up to 1.25 inch wingspan

Key ID features: Above, bright orange. Female relatively unmarked, male with vague dark borders, narrow stigmata on FW. Below greenish tan with disjointed white (female) or yellowish (male) spot bands--spots angular, veins lined with pale (not bright) scales.

Similar species: Sandhill Skipper smaller, with larger light areas below. Uncas Skipper range does not overlap.

Host plant: Lupines, grasses, oaks.

Habitat: Oak woodland and dry shrubby habitats with grasses. 

Range:  Jackson County and Josephine counties, southern Klamath County, Warner Mtns.

Season: Early June to mid-July

Abundance: Locally common 


Conservation Status: Secure 

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