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CLose-up photo of Nevada Skipper butterfly

E Camp Cr Rd, Baker Co, June 22

Thank you to Dana Ross and Paul Hammond, volunteers at OSAC!


Hesperia nevada

Size: Up to 1.25 inch wingspan

Key ID features: Above, bright tan-orange, dark wing borders fade into orange. Below dark gray-green with disjointed white spot band, with lowest white patch on outer band dramatically displaced inwardly.

Similar species: Juba and Western Branded skippers also have the lowest white spot in the outer band displaced inwardly, but not nearly as much.

Host plant: Grass species, including western needlegrass (Achnatherum occidentale).

Habitat: Sage-steppe plateaus, and ridge and peak summits, usually above 4500 feet. 

Range:  Warner Mtns, Baker County, north end of Malheur County, south portion of Grant, Crook and Deschutes counties.

Season: Early May to late July

Abundance: Locally common 


Conservation Status: Secure 

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