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Gert Canyon, Wasco Co, May 4 - male


Icaricia acmon

Size: 0.8 - 1.0 inch wingspan

Key ID features:  Male blue above with narrow black marginal band and white fringe, on HW orange band above marginal row of black spots. Female brown above with darker marginal line and white fringe, on HW broad orange band above row of dark brown marginal spots.  Below, light bluish gray with black spots, on HW row of marginal spots that are black inwardly, then orange, and outwardly black with a center circle of iridescent blue.

Similar species: Lupine Blue very similar, but tends to be larger, and on males, tends to have a dark border between red-orange band and blue on HW above (Acmon usually has pinkish-orange band transitioning directly to blue).

Host plant: Several Buckwheat (Eriogonum) species and many pea family species including Lotus, Melilotus, and Lupinus.

Habitat: Wide range of habitats, from sea level lowlands to montane habitats. ​

Range: Found in all of Oregon except the far NW corner.

Season: Early April to early October

Abundance: Widespread and common 


Conservation Status: Secure

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