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Shasta Blue

Wickiup Plain, Lane Co, August 10


Icaricia shasta

Size: 0.85 - 1.25 inch wingspan

Key ID features:  Male dark blue above with dark cell end bars and white fringes. Female brown above with some blue scaling inwardly, and vague or no orange zigzag along trailing margin. Both sexes have distinct black cell end bars on FW. Both sexes gray below with gray-rimmed black median spots, and submarginal black spots with iridescent eyes bordered inwardly with black, rimmed inwardly with orange. 

Similar species: Separated from other Icaricia blues by gray ground color below and HW spots with iridescent eyes.

Host plant: Several pea family species including lupines, clovers, and milkvetches.

Habitat: High rocky ridges, plateaus, and high pumice flats. ​

Range: Found in central and south-central Oregon in Ochocos, east slope of Cascades, Warners, and on Steens Mtn.

Season: Mid-June to mid-August

Abundance: Locally common 


Conservation Status: Secure

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