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Close-up photo of Rural Skipper butterfly

Grave Creek Bridge, Josephine Co, June 29 


Ochlodes agricola

Size: Up to 1 inch wingspan

Key ID features:  Above, small, tan-orange with graduated dark border. Male with black stigmata on FW, female with black patch in same location. HW below plain orange-tan in male, plain purplish brown in female which has vague lighter patches.

Similar species: Unmarked orange-tan HW below on male distinct within its range.

Host plant: Various grass species.

Habitat: Forest edges and openings, riparian areas. 

Range:  Josephine, Curry and Coos counties, small area along CA border at Jackson County/Josephine County border.

Season: Late May to late July

Abundance: Locally common


Conservation Status: Secure

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