Manzanita Rest Stop, Josephine Co,  May 25



Papilio zelicaon

Size: 2.5 - 3.0 inches wingspan

Key ID features:  Black with broad buttery yellow bands, twisted tails, black abdomen with narrow yellow side-stripes. Below similar pattern, with paler yellow ground color and reddish-orange halos on some of the black-bordered blue chevrons. 

Similar species:  Oregon Swallowtail, which is larger, more lemony yellow, abdomen yellow with narrow black stripe on top and sides


Host plant: Many species in the parsley family, including many native Lomatium species.

Habitat: Variety of open areas, including wetlands, dunes, mountaintops, roadsides, and disturbed areas

Range: Throughout Oregon.

Season: Late February - mid-September

Abundance: Common


Conservation Status: Secure

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