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Mormon Fritillary

Summit Meadows, Lane Co, August 13


Argynnis mormonia


AKA Speyeria mormonia

Size: Up to 2 inch wingspan

Key ID features:  Small for a greater fritillary. Male bright orange above with fine black veins, black irregular markings inwardly, submarginal black spot band and black arrows that point inward. Female darker orange above with all black markings bolder. Below ground color of "disc" on HW light orange-tan with large oblong silvery-white spots with brown to dark maroon shadows.

Similar species: Hesperis is larger and has reddish brown disc below. Hydaspe is larger and has dark red to maroon disc below. 

Hostplant: Violet (Viola) species.

Habitat: Openings, riparian areas and meadows in coniferous forests above 3,500 feet. 

Range: Found on east slope of Cascades, and in Warner Mtns, Steens Mtn,  Ochocos, Wallowa Mtns and Blue Mtns.

Season: Early June to mid-October.

Abundance: Common 


Conservation Status: Secure

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