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Hydaspe Fritillary

Catherine Cr Rd, Wallowa Co, July 8


Argynnis hydaspe


AKA Speyeria hydaspe

Size: Up to 2.25 inch wingspan

Key ID features:  Male deep orange above with black veins, black shading near the body, black irregular lines inwardly, submarginal black spot band and black marking along margin like chain links. Female dark orange above with all black markings bolder. Below ground color of "disc" on HW usually deep maroon to purplish-brown, with creamy to white oval spots, and a submarginal pink or pinkish band, often vague or missing.

Similar species: Hesperis has more reddish brown color below, and submarginal band is less pink, more distinct and usually crossed with bold veins. Zerene can have similar coloration, but would have smaller discal spots and more flattened marginal spots.

Host plant: Violet (Viola) species.

Habitat: Openings, riparian areas and meadows in coniferous forests. 

Range: Found throughout Cascades and western Oregon, and in Klamath, Warner, Siskiyou, Ochoco, Wallowa and Blue Mtns.

Season: Late May to late September.

Abundance: Common 


Conservation Status: Secure

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