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A close-up photo of a live Western Cloudywing butterfly

Oregon Mountain, Josephine Co, June 4


Thorybes diversus

AKA Cecropterus diversus

Size: Up to 1.75 inch wingspan

Key ID features: Above very dark brown with a few narrow white bars and spots on FW. Bars and spots translucent.  Below similar to above, dark brown with with a few narrow tan or off-white bars and spots on FW. Tends to perch on elevated rocks rather than on ground or plant.

Similar species: Northern Cloudywing has shorter and wider sub-cell white bar on FW, and male lacks costal fold. Northern Mexican Cloudywing has striations below on the outer portion of wings.

Host plant: Various clover (Trifolium)  species.

Habitat: Damp hillsides, creeksides, clearings in coniferous forest.   

Range:  Very restricted range near CA border in Josephine County and Klamath County.

Season: Mid-May to early July

Abundance: Uncommon 


Conservation Status: Secure 

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