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Close-up photo of live Hoffman's Checkerspot (Chlosyne hoffmani) dorsal view

Bachelor Mtn, Linn Co, July 13


Chlosyne hoffmanni

Size: 1.25 to 1.75 inch wingspan

Key ID features:  Above, bands of orange and yellow-orange, separated by black lines and patches. Median band usually lighter.  Basal 1/3 of HW above is mostly black with little orange.  Below bands of off-white and brick red with black veins and edges.  Red spots in postmedian band often longer than in similar species.

Similar species: Northern Checkerspot does not have the large black area on the basal HW above, and below postmedian band spots are generally shorter than in Hoffman's.

Hostplant: Asters, including western showy aster (Eurybia conspicua) and Cascade aster (Eucephalus ledophyllus).

Habitat: Moist montane meadows, canyons, streamsides, clearings in conifer forests. 

Range: Cascade Range above 1000 feet.

Season: Early May to early September

Abundance: Common 


Conservation Status: Secure 

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